Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poetry Break: Poetry by Children

Poem: Indian Tea

Written by: Christine Stoddard, age 15

From the Book: Falling Hard: 100 Love Poems by Teenagers

Edited by: Betsy Franco

Published by: Candlewick Press; 2008

ISBN#: 978-0-7636-3437-7


Ask students if they have ever looked forward to something only to have the event never happen. How did they feel? Has anyone ever promised to do something with them and then changed their mind? Did that person even show up to the planned event? How did that make them feel? Tell students that you are going to be sharing a poem with them that may remind them of some of those feelings. Read the poem to the students:

Indian Tea

It's noon
Where are you?
You promised me lunch
There's a cafe on the corner
With Croissants and Indian tea
A gray pussy cat hunts beneath the table
Searching for scraps of ham
And Salami
She sneezes at the peppercorn
It's cute
We could've enjoyed that together
But I'll just lunch alone
And laugh at the little kitty by myself
I didn't want to share my croissant with you anyway


Wait a few minutes and let students silently reflect on the poem. Ask students if they think the narrator is upset with the fact she has been stood up, or is she really okay with it. After discussing this point with the students, ask how the poem's mood would change if you read it as ifmthe narrator was angry, or if they were trying to act like it was no big deal that she has been left to eat alone. Have volunteers re-read the poem in different voices. Ask students to think about how their thoughts about the poem change depending upon the tone it is read to them.

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