Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Poetry Break: Spring

Poem: Robin

Written by: Marilyn Singer

From: Fireflies at Midnight

Illustrated by: Ken Robbins

Published by: Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2003
ISBN #: 978-0-689-82492-0


Ask students to name some things that let us know spring is on the way. Keep track of their responses on a piece of chart paper. After listing several responses, tell students that the way how you know spring is in the air is that robins begin showing up in the backyard. Explain that the poem you are about to share is from the robin's point of view. Have students softly "chirp" like a bird as you read the poem to them.

by Marilyn Singer

Up cheerup I'm up
Let me be first to greet the light
First cheerily first
Hello day, good-bye night

Up cheerup I'm up
In this tree soon chicks will hatch
soon Cheerily soon
Down below are worms to catch

Up cheerup I'm up
Hail chicks and worms and sky!
Hail cheerily hail
Morning robins are not shy


Repeat the poem with students reading along with you on the first and third lines of each verse. Have students think back to the list they made before reading them poem. Challenge them to take another sign of spring and create a poem about that object or sign.

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