Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Poetry Book Review: Scien-Trickery


Written by: J. Patrick Lewis

Illustrated by: Frank Remkiewicz

Publisher: Harcourt, Inc.; 2004

ISBN #: 0-15-216681-5

This collection of science topics is presented to the reader in a poetic format with a twist--the riddle. Each poem describes something science related--people, concepts, places, and then challenges the reader to guess the item described.

My Thoughts On This Book:

I must admit--when I was in the classroom, math science did not get much attention. Reading and History did--I'm sure it had something to do with the fact I was a much better student in those subject areas. Where was this book when I needed it????? Scien-Trickery is the perfect blend of engaging poetry and science concepts for someone who is as science challenged as myself. This book is a must for anyone who teaches science! Each poem presented relates back to science concepts that are givens in a science curriculum. Germs, oxygen, sound, and constellations are a small sample of some of the concepts presented in this engaging format of question and answer. I am sure that this book would challenge even the most reluctant science student to create their own riddle poem for a friend to solve. This book would have been well-worn in my classroom, as I know I would have used it frequently to reinforce science concpts I taught.

The layout and design of this book is equally appealing as well. Illustrator Frank Remkiewicz creates lively backdrops for each poem, and presents each poem on a sheet of spiral paper as if torn from a science notebook. Students (and scientifically challenged teachers) will beg to hear this book over and over.

Review Excerpt:

From Booklist: "Though mostly for fun, this attractive book has a place in classrooms where the study of science involves imagination and deduction as well as rote learning."

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